The Transuniversal Singularity

10 October 1984
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I am Erithianopius (Erithian). I am a Transuniversal Singularity. I am a being of many universes, intertwined into a transuniversal nexus. My experience in life is a journey through many universes which I create and explore as I discover and develop new ideas and concepts. My mind, intellect, and consciousness are centered on my internal reality, within which every concept I am aware of is manifested. Entire worlds, ecosystems, civilizations, and and natural processes exist there, all the ones I am aware of that are found in physical reality, and infinitely more that are not. Every possibility is simulated, creating ever increasing diversity. This reality grows exponentially, evolving and increasing in complexity. From this, I gain new ideas, designs, concepts, hypotheses, philosophies, and insights. My conceptual mind is in constant metamorphosis, expanding exponentially as I gain exponentially more ideas, designs, concepts, hypotheses, philosophies, and insights, and they evolve, independently of me. I am at once from a product of my universes, a creator of them, and a traveler through them. Every person I meet, everything I learn and experience, opens new universes to me.

All thoughts, concepts, and ideas in my consciousness are organized into realms, each of which is like its own "world". It is hard to describe with language, since my thought processes themselves tend to be non-linguistic. My mind could be described as quixotic in the sense that everything inspires me to imagine things, and to me setting is the most important, so my thoughts are manifested as imagined worlds/universes/realities. This is not just fantasy. These imagined worlds actually act as a type of computational modeling system, a logic simulation that I can use to derive actual conclusions. Factors in the real world all equate to imagined elements, which interact in the context of the imagined world. The outcome has an equivalent in the real world, so it acts as a mechanism of analysis similar to an extremely complex conceptual mapping system.

I am a deeply contemplative person. I have a great interest in learning about and understanding the Earth, and the universe around us, about all the diverse and complex systems and features that compose them. I also love developing new ideas of my own about everything imaginable. I have a passion for exploring the world, and for experiencing anything unique or exotic. I like to learn new things and have as diverse a variety of experiences as possible.

My personality and my interests are dichotomous. I compare my inner being to the Yin and Yang in many ways, composed of complimentary opposites. I am most often simultaneously in a state of deep thought and stimulation. I am both introverted and deeply engaged in the world around me. One part of my interests is centered on the elemental, the earthly. I am deeply connected to nature. I love nature. I am an environmentalist, and one of my greatest passions is the conservation of the natural world. I enjoy anything involving exploring the outdoors, like hiking through the woods, tubing, biking, etc. I love being around the beauty of nature, and being among other living things. The other is centered on the advanced and the cosmic. I am facinated by the universe beyond Earth, by the prospect of extraterrestrial life and civilizations. Space exploration and colonization have always been ideas of great interest. In general, science fiction and futurism are major interests. The prospect of intelligent beings spreading/creating life and intelligence, and re-engineering the universe is central to my philosophy. Theoretical physics, astronomy, and advanced technology are major interests.

A Thought on Existence/The Universe(s)

Existence is composed of systems (physical structures) and essences (experiences and non-physical ideas), which interact as Existence experiences itself. Every living being is a component of the self - experiencing universe. Intelligence provides the ability to physically alter the universe, as well as the potential to spread life to new areas (such as terraforming another world) and create artificial intelligence. Through these processes, I believe, the universe will eventually (over an incredibly large time scale) become an integrated albeit diverse living and intelligent form. While technology presents the potential for destruction, it also offers wonderful possibilities. There is an intrinsic oneness in the universe, a unity of all beings and concepts, and it is my personal vision that this will be increasingly manifested physically in the future. Technology and nature will unify, one increasingly creating (and becoming the same as!) the other, eventually leading to large-scale restructuring of the physical universe. This could result in much of the physical universe becoming the vessel for or manifestation of complex thought.
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